BT Club Annual Membership is $299 from the date a
member joins. Non-members may purchase BT Club
training packages at full price, no member benefits.

All session cancellation policies apply.*


Fitness Roadmap

A personally designed fitness roadmap reevaluated every 12
weeks. The components of the roadmap are: 1. strength,
2. flexibility and 3. endurance exercises; mindfully detailed,
personalized and scheduled for each individual client.

Training support via email and text

You and your trainer can work together via email and text for
training and support on non-scheduled training days.



Dexafit Body Composition Scan provides the exact location and
percentage of fat, bone and lean muscle throughout your body
to fine-tune and supercharge your training and diet for
dramatically better results. Dexafit body composition is taken
and analyzed every 12 weeks.

Valet parking

BT Club offers you free valet parking through Malibu East. You
can enter BT Club through Malibu East walkway.


Remote training capabilities

If you are traveling and you want to train, BT personal trainers
will provide an as-needed workout regime for you through

10% Off

Applicable to Personal Training Contract Packages

Open Gym Hours (pending)

BT Club will have open gym hours posted on their website.
Personal Trainers are available for coaching at no additional
charge. Please note this is not a personal training session.

Complimentary Training Session

1 Complimentary Personal Training Session for 2
friends or family members