I, (your name) , understand and acknowledge that BEZZ Training is not a public facility , rather is for the exclusive use of its members and guest who read and sign this WAIVER AND RELEASE. I understand and acknowledge that there are risks associated with vigorous excessive, weight training, aerobic exercise and other physical activity customarily undertaken at BEZZ Training , including without limitation serious bodily injuries or even death. I also understand and acknowledge that I should not engage in vigorous exercise, weight training, aerobic exercise or other physical activity customarily undertaken at BEZZ Training without first consulting my physician and considering any particular risks that I may face by participating in theses activities. I ACKOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT THE USE OF BEZZ TRAINING  WILL BE ENTIRELY AT MY OWN RISK. I FURTHER ACKONOLEDGE AND AGREE THAT, IN CONSIDERATIOON FOR BEING PERMITED TO USE BEZZ TRAINING. I SHALL BE ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE FOR , AND I HEREBY WAYVE AND RELEASE ANY CLAIMS I HAVE OR MAY HAVE IN THE FUTURE AGAINST BEZZ TRAINING. And it’s sucessors ,assigns ,affiliates,directors ,officers, employes, partners, and ownersor any of them for ,and all losses, costs, expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fee , damages or liability whatsoever of any nature or form , including without limitation bodily injury or death, arising out of my use of Bezz training.