Jorge Bezzerra

Born and raised in Brazil, I’ve given my love and passion to Chicago. I began my undergraduate education at NYU, ultimately receiving my BS and MA in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine from Long Island University. After earning my degrees, I worked as an Assistant Strength Coach at Long Island University and as an Athletic Trainer for the Columbia University football team.

During this time, I began working as a personal trainer and found my true calling. Hired by a internationally known fashion designer, I was lucky enough to spend several years honing my craft while traveling the world.

I created Bezztraining to allow me to take my passion to the next level. Now I am able to bring all my skill and love for fitness to the people of Chicago.

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Critter Gross

Critter coordinates and conducts individualized training programs and develops individualized nutrition programs for people looking to get back in shape, or athletes who need to go to the next level in competition. Critter has received his certification in Fitness and Physiology at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA. He also has competed in numerous power weightlifting competitions winning several awards and titles. Critter has trained and competed with “Iron Masters Powerlifting”, which is a group of men 40 and older, who are power lifting master event winners actively competing. Critter has worked as a personal trainer at World Gym San Francisco/World Gym Palm Springs and at numerous other Bay Area gyms. Critter is currently a trainer at Cheetah Gym and Bezz Training Gym.

      Personal Trainer

      PSFA - CPT

      Fitness Specialist

      Class IV PL Trainer


John Magallanez

When I was in college, I ruptured my Achilles while training for a marathon. After surgery and six months of painful rehabilitation, I began to reflect on my poor training methods. This was a humbling experience that shifted my focus to proper goal setting and periodized training. I'm motivated to apply and share what I've learned from my injury. I work to educate my clients on how to avoid and recover from any setbacks to their health. I specialize in strength training, boxing, and movement disorders such as those affected by Parkinson's Disease. 

Certifications and Education:

ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

ACE Orthopedic Exercise Certified

Rock Steady Boxing Certified Trainer

CPR/AED Certified - American Heart Association

Bachelors of Science for Biological Science at Loyola University New Orleans

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Randy Paddock

Randy was born and raised in Chicago. Growing up he was very active in sports playing baseball, football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, and martial arts. Randy further developed his love for fitness when he began weight training in high school. After high school, Randy attended Illinois State University and Northeastern Illinois University where he received a BA in Sociology. Randy passion for helping people and love for fitness has allowed him to excel as a personal trainer and fitness coach. During his free time Randy is a competitive power lifter, jiu jitsu player, and a proud pug dad. With over 15 years of weight training experience he is a great addition to the BEZZ Training Club team. Randy is a NASM certified personal trainer specializing in strength training and kettlebells.

Jared Dawsen

Jared started practicing yoga ten years ago as an alternative for carpal tunnel surgery and has been hooked since. He has been teaching for eight years and blends a number of modalities together to create a practice that is accessible and healing while still providing a high level of physical engagement.