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Bezz Training Club is a warm, welcoming and well-equipped 24hr fitness facility for both self-directed and trainer-led personal and group workouts.


We are a “zero-attitude” gym, gay-owned and operated, and welcome and respect everyone regardless of your current fitness level, from the novice with little or no gym experience to elite athletes.

Bezz Training Club is fully equipped with all the gear any workout would require, from free weights to Peleton, TechnoGym, Tonal, and more. We offer an array of the most popular forms of group training from kettlebell, HIIT, and yoga, to targeted workouts to keep you challenged and motivated.


If you're looking for a gym, or looking to make a change, here's who should consider Bezz Training Club:

Anyone, from novice to elite athlete, seeking to kick their fitness level up a notch in a new, well-maintained and equipped gym

Anyone who has felt insecure about joining a gym due to their current fitness level, lack of experience, or sexual orientation

Anyone seeking expert personal training, whether you’re seeking a change in trainer, or it’s your first time working with a trainer

Anyone tired of large, impersonal gyms with old, outdated, or poorly maintained equipment

Anyone who values 24hr, 7 day facility access and FREE PARKING


Experience all that Bezz has to offer with complementary tour and free trial.

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